Day and night tickets available only by pre-booking through this website only

Available for day and night fishing, open 7 days a week, Fully equipped shower block with toilets, hot pay as you go showers, changing rooms and wash basins, 4G, Esso garage at entrance with shop for all your needs. Snails Lake has 17 swims with only 13 available for booking to always give options even if your angler number 12. Perseys has 10 double swims with 9 available for booking.

Snails Lake: Day and night fishing

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17 swims with 13 available for booking giving plenty of room to move at all times.

Snail’s Lake is 5 acres of what can only be described as a maze of channels, islands and bays. This layout gives every angler plenty of features to fish too in what is a very intimate lake.

Bars, silt runs, gravel, pads and over hangs are all part of the fishing on Snail’s so dependent on your favourite method of fishing, you will have quite a good guide as to where you could place your rods.

The stock in Snail’s lake reads as follows.

There are approx. 210 fish to 34-35lb with 7 other 30s present, there is an impressive head of 20s to high 20’s, with a number of 25 plus fish, the number of 20’s now exceeds 90 with commons and mirrors to 28.

The doubles are of the higher end with the majority being 17-20 lb, the way these fish are growing I am sure will provide what fast becoming the day ticket fishery in the southwest.

Snails has 17 swims available but we only ever book out 12 giving room to move, there are a couple of double swims but with the way the lake is set out you can still have a social fishing separate swims and parts of the lake.


Perseys Pool: Day and Night Fishing

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10 double swims with 9 available for booking

In 2011 we dug the 3.8 acre Perseys Pool this now boasts an impressive stock of fast growing carp from double figures through to 28lb with a good head of 20’s, these fish are coming along nicely and lots of mid to upper doubles in a lake stocked with 142 fish.

Perseys is no push over, in the winter of 2018 we reduced the stock taking out all the smaller doubles to give the remaining stock more room, this will have  a great benefit enabling the weights to flourish.

Packed with features purposely created when it was excavated this lake will give you plenty to think about to get that extra bite, each swim also has an island to fish to.

There are 10 double swims on Perseys enable either a large swim for one person or a good social swim for you and you mate.


Culm Valley Angling

culm-valley-anglingLocated 1.5 miles from Diggerlakes and 200 meters from Junction 28 on the M5, Culm Valley Angling stocks all the big brands of carp and fishing tackle as well as a wide selection of bait. Come into the shop and get assistance to book your Diggerlakes ticket (PayPal payment only)and get £1 per kg off the CVA Diggerlakes House Bait. This Marine Fishmeal with Robin Red is the bait to go to for catching the Diggers fish, £7.50 per kg with any purchase of a Diggerlakes ticket or £8.50 for just the bait, pop ups and wafters also available. Open 7 days a week.

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